Freshers' Packs for first-year students

Thirteen years ago, our sister company,, started supplying third level campuses with Freshers' Packs for incoming first-year students. has now become part of the family, and we continue to supply these much-loved student goody bags each autumn to campuses nationwide.

For more information on getting involved in the Packs for 2017, please call 00353-21 4831828 or email


35,000 Freshers' Packs were distributed on 17 campuses in September 2016. For pictures of distribution on campus, please click here

and for feedback from students' union officers and Freshers, please click here

The bags themselves were good-looking, versatile tote bags supplied by Skechers - ideal for carrying books!

Contents included:

  • Skechers 20% discount student offer
  • Pot Noodle (Chicken & Mushroom)
  • Knorr Medium Curry Sauce Mix
  • Tic Tac Mixers - Cherry & Cola OR Peach & Lemonade
  • Emergen-C vitamin drink sachets
  • Weetabix "On The Go" breakfast drink OR Alpen snack bar
  • Nivea For Men Active Clean shower gel sample (men's bags)
  • Nivea Black & White Invisible mini deodorant (women's bags)
  • Apache Pizza student deal
  • Apache Pizza branded bottle-opener
  • D.I.D. Electrical promotional insert/cashback offer
  • Odeon "Two For One" cinema offer (selected campuses)