Freshers' Packs for first-year students

Fifteen years ago, started supplying third level campuses in the Republic of Ireland with Freshers' Packs for the new intake of first-year students. Working directly with students' unions and student societies, our Packs are distributed at Orientation, Registration or Freshers' events, giving brands the advantage of early visibility on most campuses.

In 2018, following the cancellation of the U.S.I. goody bags supply to campuses in Northern Ireland, we were delighted to expand supply to Queen's University, Belfast; to the four campuses of the University of Ulster; and to Belfast Metropolitan College, the largest of its type in Ulster. We supplied 10,000 Freshers' Packs in total.

For more information on getting involved in the Packs for 2019, please call 00353-21 4831828 or email


10,000 Freshers' Packs were distributed on 6 campuses in September 2018.

For pictures of distribution on campus, please click here

The bags themselves were good-looking, versatile tote bags supplied by JD SPORTS - ideal for carrying books!



Contents included:

  • McDonnells Curry Sauce sachet
  • Jelly Beans mini-bag
  • Lucozade Energy
  • Apache Pizza student deal
  • Apache Pizza branded deck of playing cards
  • Thompson's/Punjana sample
  • Thompson's/Punjana Freshers' competition
  • Palmolive shower cream sample (women's bags)
  • Wilkinson Sword disposable razors (men's bags)