Cork City Marathon


The most recent Cork City Marathon took place on Sunday June 4th 2017. An Official Goody Bag was provided for each of the 10,000 participants, and were split by gender 60/40 (6,000 men's Bags and 4,000 women's Bags).

The Goody Bags were distributed to runners at Registration in City Hall the day before the race.


Contents included:

  • Nivea Cool Kick Black & White mini deodorant (men's bags)
  • Nivea Creme Care Cleanse sample (women's bags)
  • Weetabix On The Go Breakfast Drink
  • Haribo confectionery mini-bag
  • East Cork Harbour Marathon entry discount offer
  • Promotional insert for Mondello Marathon at Mondello Park
  • Promotional insert from Irish Life
  • Promotional offer from Just-Eat
  • Branded tee-shirt
  • Commemorative programme

For more information on getting involved in 2018, please contact us on 00353-21 4831828 or email 

Monday 4th June 2007 saw the long-awaited revival of the Cork City Marathon. It was the first marathon in 21 years in the city and the people of Cork welcomed back the event with tremendous enthusiasm. The city centre was packed with supporters and throughout the suburbs residents lined the roads, creating a festive atmosphere that enhanced the whole event.

While the individual marathon is hugely successful, the Team Relay Event has sparked a renewed interest in running throughout the city and county. Promoting health and fitness through moderate exercise and running, the Team Relay Event offers runners of all distances an opportunity to take part in the marathon without having to complete the full 26.2 miles by themselves. Over 700 teams, ranging from 2 to 5 members (including many family groups), share the marathon course. The Relay also provides an ideal opportunity for fund-raising for a wide range of organisations and charities.

The Marathon attracts a wide age range, from kids to fit grannies, although over 75% of participants are health-conscious, active people in their twenties, thirties or early forties. The majority of both participants and spectators are from Munster.

For more general information on the Marathon, please go to the official website: